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Currently there are approximately 210 children being bused out of Dutchess County for schooling.  Many of these children have needs which cannot and are not being met within their home school districts. 

As a society we must find a way to help these children integrate back into their home districts.  It is imperative to the mental health and well-being of these children to go to school where they live in order to foster peer-to-peer relationships within their neighborhoods.  

The goal of becoming a non-profit is to help raise funds otherwise not appropriated by the school districts, county or state to help facilitate the creation of these much-needed classrooms or facilities through working directly with the districts, Dutchess County Department of Mental Health and community leaders in order to achieve this.  

We want to help families avoid the struggle that arises within the current public school model by helping to provide the spaces their children are entitled to have as taxpaying citizens. 

We will do this by reaching out to current New York State therapeutic day schools and partnering with them to identify the needs their children (our children) have. 

We will work directly with Dutchess County school districts to identify the areas which need this particular form of assistance.  

We will also be partnering with local education advocates to identify needs.  

Our programs will consist of donations given to provide mental health resources to K-12 student populations that assist with the formation of these classrooms, therapeutic in nature–which will encompass the financing of school mental health employees, the hiring and/or retention of special education teachers and to enrich the facilitation of therapeutic classrooms, including but not limited to, their supplies  

Ultimately, our desire is that special needs children in Dutchess County are able to remain students in the county in which they and their famlies reside.  

Colleen Tkazyik head shot photograph

Colleen Tkazyik

Founder, CEO, President and Director; the parent of 3 children, including a son with ASD and cognitive delay in Dutchess County; has had difficulty finding an appropriate public school environment for her son due to the lack of therapeutic day classrooms or schools. While her two general education children are thriving, she has had no choice but to become a staunch advocate on behalf of her special needs son over the last five years’ time.  She quietly assists other parents in order to help them with the difficult challenge of finding appropriate placement for their special needs children.

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Carolanne Blabac

Co-Director, Vice President Fund Procurement; parent of three children; experienced volunteer and fundraiser for organizations, including but not limited to,Overlook and Titusville Pta and SEPTA  (Special Education PTA).

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Kelly D. Constable

Co-Director, Treasurer and/or Vice-President of Treasury; parent of two children, the youngest of which has a diagnosis of X-Linked Opitz and Autism, whose educational placement has led him to a therapeutic school…but outside of Dutchess County.

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Stacey Storino, Esq.

Co-Director, Vice-President of Operations and Secretary; parent of one child who is a general education student; attorney (1998+); web designer (2016+); Chief Branding Officer, Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill (2017+).

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